Project Details




269,14 m²


702 on Martilda

With an emphasis on clean modern lines, this stunning project was completed in January 2021, after a longer than usual construction process.  Due to global circumstances our clients were not able to visit the site, or the country, and thus the entire process was heavily reliant on modern day technology to ensure that they were part of the journey and still involved with the design and finishing of this dreamy coastal home.  Clean white silhouettes matched with a functional and modern layout resulted in the edgy farmhouse look of this homes interior.  What began as rustic took a modern turn with the incorporation of shadow line bulkheads and led light strips to create a cozy and intimate ambience in the kitchen.  Combined with the stark contrast of black metal and shiny copper light fixtures, this house has resulted in a perfect balance between modern and beach house styles.  We absolutely loved working with the owners of this home, and we know that they will enjoy every bit of it when they move in.