Project Details




274,89 m²


811 on Flensborg

This ultra-modern home brings excitement and a luxury feel to anyone who enters. With the use of sleek, modern, high-end finishes as well as a combination of the use of lighting and hanging pendants, we were able to meet our clients’ expectations and bring their vision to life.  The home consists of 3 large bedrooms, each with independently lit built in cupboards for a more practical user experience, and features a unique chandelier light for each room. The cupboards that reach from floor to ceiling allow for maximum utilization of space and storage.  Both bathrooms also feature an array of different textures and mediums, to further immerse the user in a feeling of luxury and glamour, with the main focus being the beautiful freestanding bath tubs which emphasize the need for everyone to relax and enjoy life once in a while.  Each area in the house is separate for its unique purposes, but flow into one another to achieve a truly modern open plan layout.